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Virginia's top bloggers were invited to the U.S. Capitol on March 27 to interact with Congressional leadership and Virginia's leading Congressmen.  The American Maverick team was fortunate to be a part of a exclusive inside look at the priorities of the Republican majority of Congress.

Representative Robert Hurt
Representative Robert Hurt of the Virginia 5th district hosted the insider event at the U.S. Capitol.  He provided a tour of the Capitol, access to the 'behind the ropes' areas of the Capitol and the opportunity to speak to leading Republicans.  Hurt stated the importance of including new media, such as conservative bloggers, as we move towards the key November election.

Representative Hurt welcomed many top Congressman to talk candidly to the bloggers at a private, Capitol luncheon.  The American Maverick team sat next to Majority Leader Eric Cantor during the luncheon.  Others in attendance included:  Congressmen Allen West, Bob Goodlatte, Riggle and Whitman.  

Majority Leader Eric Cantor
Eric Cantor was clear with his conviction to turn the tide and to be in position to take positive steps to turn around several key issues in America.  Including: the economy, energy, health care, and the national debt.  He stressed  the importance of this November's election.  The Republican leadership is looking to increase seats in the House of Representatives and, more importantly, take control of the Senate.  Control of the Senate along with the House and Presidency will dramatically green light many bills ready to go to curb spending and support American capitalism.

Representative Allen West (R-FL22)
We were very fortunate to have the Congressman and Tea Party icon, Allen West of the Florida 22nd district address the bloggers luncheon.  West carried many of Cantor's same convictions to turning the tide left by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  He also stated that it is very important for the public to know the Republicans have and are producing legislation to correct our debt and spending.  They have produced numerous bills to the Senate to help the economy, unleash our energy potential and to curb spending.  The Senate under the leadership of Democrat Harry Reid have and continues to stone wall the Republicans effort.  Congressman West had to leave our luncheon early as he was speaking to 4,000 citizens at the Americans for Prosperity Rally just outside of the Capitol to protest Obamacare.

The day was wrapped up with a exclusive one on one interview with Congressman Robert Hurt.  The interview was conducted in the Rayburn Building just following a Financial Services Committee meeting by Hurt.  During the interview, Hurt commented about how restraints such as Obamacare have affected businesses in Virginia and beyond.  He spoke how the uncertainty of health care costs and other government  policies are holding back job prospects and economic recovery.  He also made remarks about how he can best serve the citizens of the Virginia 5th Congressional District.  The full interview will be broadcast again on The American Maverick Show.  Follow this link to locate the player for Congressman Hurt's exclusive interview>>>

A photo of the Congressional Virginia Blogger Summit participants along with host, Congressman Robert Hurt, from the balcony of the U.S. Capitol facing west towards Virginia.  Bloggers from Bearing Drift, Rick Sincere, Chesapeake Liasion, Jeffersoniad and the American Maverick enjoyed a full day of access provided by Congressman Hurt and his staff.  Discover more about the leadership of Congressman Hurt by visiting his website at

Protesters and media outside of the Supreme Court building.  The Supreme Court hearings about the fate of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) were in full swing while we visit the U.S. Capitol.  The Supreme Court will publicly release its ruling in June.

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