Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Despite the onslaught by opposing candidates, the media doubters,  and left wing/union ballot pushers, Mitt Romney successfully pulled out a win in his birth state of Michigan.  More under reported by the media, he  also had a powerful win on Tuesday in Arizona.  

In Michigan, Mitt Romney pulled 41% of the vote.  He was very strong with most all exit polling categories over his opponents.  Including:  Likely to beat Obama, men, women, teaparty supporters, independents, Catholics, seniors and conservatives.  Santorum took second place with 38% of the vote.  Santorum attracted evangelical voters.  Ron Paul came in third with 12%, and Newt Gingrich placed fourth with 7%.

Arizona was a more decisive win for Romney.  Mitt earned 48% of the vote of Arizona voters.  Winning all counties with a overall margin of 22% over Santorum.  Similar to Michigan, Romney dominated a vast majority of all exit poll categories.  Santorum placed second with 26%, Gingrich came in third with 16% and Ron Paul pulled in at fourth place with 8%.

Romney held off considerable attacks from Santorum, left wing groups and unions in Michigan.  He had to go on the offense in Michigan to fend off negative advertising from multiple SuperPacs who had several million in advertising and in motivating Democrats/union workers to vote against Romney in the open primary.  Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich had fairly neutral advertising.  Santorum dedicated most all advertising to pose a negative image on Romney.  

All eyes now turn to next Tuesday's Super Tuesday primaries including Virginia.  Romney is only opposed by Ron Paul in Virginia.  Both Santorum and Gingrich failed to meet the petition minimums set forth by Virginia to make the ballot.

Of note to The American Maverick readers, as you may recall, the TAM (The American Maverick) Election Predictor was 100% accurate!  The TAM Predictor called all places correctly for all candidates for Michigan and Arizona.  Now the hard part, predicting the winners for next week's Super Tuesday! 

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