Thursday, February 16, 2012


CPAC Feature Article by Flint Engleman

Of the many great speakers of this year's CPAC, I would have to say the National Rifle Association's Wayne LaPierre was very effective with tapping conservatives enthusiasm for winning in 2012.

Wayne LaPierre is the Executive Vice-President of the NRA.  Wayne has for years been on the front lines of defending second amendment rights of citizens.  Since the passing of Charlton Heston, Wayne has been the NRA's most vocal advocate to the media, the government and communications to the public.

Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 
His CPAC speech was upbeat and informative about the key issues facing gun owners.  Wayne focused on Obama's tactics to undermine gun owner rights which further chips away at the essence of the second amendment.  He clearly explained the measured actions by the administration to lay the ground work for America to assume the European model of gun restrictions.  (As many NRA members are aware, the Obama administration is working with the United Nations to implement gun restrictions in America by dictation of a international gun 'safety' treaty.)  Wayne continued stating the following of his recent direct testimony to the U.N., "There were representatives from Libya, Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Iran-all of those great bastions of freedom- and I looked them all right in the eye and told them about American freedom and that they had no authority whatsoever to mess with it!  No way, no how!"  

Wayne continued in a straightforward tone about other threats to the second amendment.  Specifically, the politics of 'Operation Fast and Furious'.  He stated how this is a tragic tactic pulled by the administration to further project the fear of weapons in society.  Accountability for the loss of life and release of thousands of weapons in a border area lays on Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama.  LaPierre stated, "They did it all for political gain - so they could wrongly blame honest American gun owners for Mexican drug violence.  Now the truth is out and no one -nobody- has been held accountable.  All Fast and Furious gets is a White House cover-up.  The fact that Eric Holder is still on the job and hasn't been fired is a disgrace!  Forget fired.  Somebody ought to be in jail!"  

Summarizing his previous comments, he added the appointment of two, possibly three Supreme Court Jusitices within the next four years could tilt decisions impacting the second amendment.  With Obama's additions of Sotomayor and Kagan, the administration is on its way to pivot the Supreme Court to the hard left to undermine the second amendment.  LaPierre stated Obama is setting the table in his first term and prepared to take the second amendment down in the next term.  

LaPierre's closing remarks brought conservatives to their feet saying, "This election is all in - all of our freedom, all of our rights.  And that means all of you, all in!  No one sits this one out.  So stand up right now and you tell me, will you defend freedom with all of your heart and might?  Come on, stand up and let them hear you at the White House!  A packed Marriott ballroom erupted with cheers.  

LaPierre waived and pointed to the video monitors as a new, intense NRA video rolled to be used during the upcoming Presidential election.

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