Monday, February 13, 2012


CPAC Feature Article by Flint Engleman
You would expect me to report Newt Gingrich delivered a soaring speech for the packed ballroom of conservatives at CPAC.  Yet, I am a straight shooter.  What I and several thousand conservatives heard was a rehashing of his campaign stump speech.  That's it.  Quite disappointing.  And many conservatives were not pleased as well.  Basically, if you would catch one of Newt's campaign speeches on Fox or CSPAN, you would hear the same tone and verbiage.

What was a immediate downer for Newt was his introduction by his wife Callista.  We now know why we see her, yet do not hear from her.  Very monotone and weak in message.  I would not harp on the lady anymore.

Gingrich struck his classic professor tone to CPAC.  His tone sounded down beat and not as uplifting as earlier speakers, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

Here is a sampling of quotes from Newt Gingrich's speech:

"My very first executive order will be to abolish all White House czars."
"My goal is to repeal 40% of the Obama government by my first day in office."
"I would require unemployed workers to enter a business training program.  Never again will we pay someone for not working 99 weeks."
"Obama has been an anti-energy President.  Every time an American gasses up, they pay the price.."

Gingrich's closing remarks struck an off tone.  He rattled off a string of issues ranging from religion to the space program.  And, laced in and out of his last statements his 5 times.  Almost a blatant admission of the reality of his dire need for funds to compete in the coming primaries.

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