Wednesday, February 15, 2012


CPAC offered many great panels addressing many topics keen to conservative minds.  The panel discussion on  energy resources in America was in a word, energizing! (Pun intended)

Panelists discussed the many attributes of America's energy resources.  Most fervently stated was our absolute ability to be self-sufficient with various resources.  As opposed to being a dependent nation for oil and other resources.  And, the national security risk of being dependent on resources from perhaps not so friendly nations.  

America has the resources and capability to be self-sufficient on oil, natural gas, many other gases, and coal.  Our country possesses more untapped oil than all oil producing nations combined outside of north America.  Currently, the United States imports 40% of its oil from Canada.

Our country's ability to become self-sufficient has been stifled by the Obama administration.  Permits to tap documented sites for oil products and gases have been bogged down or flatly denied.  Many permits for on and off shore drilling have been mired in a web of 'EPA hell', according to Charles Drevna, President of  American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers.  

Energy panelist, Ann McElhinney
Technologies to explore for oil shale and gases, like hydro fracturing, have been outright targeted by the EPA and other administration agencies.  Hydro fracturing is a process that has been safely used for water and oil extraction for over 100 years.  Director/Producer of "Not Evil, Just Wrong" energy documentary, Ann McElhinney, stated, "America must be out of its mind.  All of these resources under your feet, and your government is keeping you dependent on foreign energy."  She continued to explain the process of fracking technology.  Fracking was first used in the northeast nearly 100 years ago to pressurize water underneath granite to provide water where traditional wells could not reach water aquifers.  Current day energy fracking not only extracts oil, but many other gases as well.  The federal government under the Obama administration pressured and in some cases sued property owners in the northeast for resource rights for hydro fracturing operations.

There was a brief and to the point discussion about the Keystone XL pipeline.  The consensus was to get it built.  Obama is purely holding back on the permit due to special interest pressure from the environmental left.  All were in agreement that dealing with the Canadians is much safer and local than the Middle East.  A strategist from the Heartland Institute displayed a stunning map of all the pipelines currently running in America.  The Keystone XL pipeline would be a small addition to the vast array of pipelines.  In fact, its environmental imprint would mirror other current lines used for gas resources.

All in all, America possesses incredible amounts of natural resources.  There are proven technologies and companies ready to unleash our energy independence.  This independence will contain our exposure to energy costs, reduce national security risks, and could usher in the next big era of American economic dominance.

For more information, search for the Heartland Institute's energy link.  Also, producer McElhinney has another documentary forthcoming called "Fracking Nation" that will expose the administration's stranglehold on energy resources.

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