Monday, January 9, 2012

The Wife Factor: A Ranking of the GOP Ladies

The wife factor, a hooligan look at how a candidate's wife impacts his shot at the White House.  Oh come on, who has not picked up on side comments about the spouses of the Republican candidates.  Lets make this fun with rankings too.  We're ranking only the wives of the top six candidates.  Mr. Bachmann is deemed ineligible since Michele bowed out after her lack luster performance in Iowa.

We're going to rank the dear ladies using the following criteria:  (1) Speaking ability, (2) visual compatibility with the candidate, (3) their influence on the candidate's decisions, and (4) degree of competency to be a First Lady.  We'll have scoring based on the criteria with a weighting of 1(low) to 10(perfecto).  

Here we go with the 2012 GOP Wife Factor!

#6  Callista Gingrich 
My oh my, where to start?  Let's keep it simple.  The cruise last summer that derailed Newt's campaign kick off.  He also lost most of his key staff because of the cruise.  She has the stare and the hair.  Overall criteria weighting of 0.666.

#5  Carol Paul  
Come on, grandma Paul looks like a nice lady, but first lady, really?  Too much grandma factor.  She has been a little outspoken versus Fox defending her man.  Bonus score for being the mother of Rand Paul. Overall criteria score=5.

#4  Anita Perry  
Looks nice on stage with Rick.  Has held on tight to Rick through Texas politics as a Democrat and, now, a Republican.  You don't see her being the type to enthusiastically grab a mic to talk up her man to a room of voters.  Overall criteria weighting of 5.5.

#3  Mary Kaye Huntsman 
The name really holds her back.  We're talking pink cadillacs and 'Mary Kay' cosmetics.  She does perform fairly well in public.  Recently she had a fashion emergency wearing black hose and a white dress during a recent Fox forum with Frank Luntz and a room full of voters.  Overall criteria weighting of 6.

#2  Karen Santorum
She presents well with Rick in public.  Strong supporter of her husband and of conservative family values.  Karen is Rick's sweetheart.  She's genuine and capable.  Overall criteria weighting of 7.

#1  Ann Romney
Now here is a woman with First Lady credentials!  She has a large family that she has raised.  She promotes family values in her words and deeds.  She is battle hardened in politics.  Seeing Mitt through several political runs as Senator, Governor and, now, twice for President.  She wins with the best stage presence and speaking ability of all the candidates' wives.  She continues to perform well with the media and especially the voters.  Overall criteria weighting of 9.  (Only a Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan can earn a 10.)

Again, this has been a fun look at the current GOP Presidential race.  In all seriousness, it takes a strong and patient wife to carry a candidate to the finish line in public life.  Their internal fortitude of tolerating the jeers and smears of the public is amazing.  In closing, they're all winners, even Mr. Bachmann.

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