Friday, January 13, 2012

What's Obama Up To?

Obama's news conference today was his way to cater to the interests of the business community.  He's asking Congress for the authority to consolidate several government agencies into a more centralized agency.  He stated this was his direct effort to respond to businesses that were willing to 'in-source' jobs to the United States. Obama continued to say business leaders were having difficulty navigating through government websites and phone systems to reach assistance. Is this a matter of inconvenience to business or another 'opportunity' for Obama?

Okay, business owners, be careful what you asked for.  You might get more than you planned for.  You must realize who you are asking and the ideology behind the President.  Barrack Obama plays strictly from the Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals' playbook.  If one tactic does not work, there are others to pursue your way.  This is the heart and soul of a progressive.

To Obama, consolidation of services or agencies means he has the opportunity to have more direct control on policy and purse strings of commerce.  Case and point, he is now making the Small Business Administration a Presidential cabinet level position.  Basically, the SBA head will be the business czar for Obama.  And, you thought there were too many government hoops to jump through now.  Just wait.  He also mentioned re-organizing the Department of Commerce, NOAA and several other key agencies.  

This news conference on Friday followed a sparsely attended business gathering at the White House on Wednesday.  The White House had invited over 100 CEOs and business leaders to attend a session with the President to address business concerns and how to increase employment.  For Wednesday's business session with Obama, the room was only half filled, mostly with media.  A photographer took a photo of a lonely VP Biden sitting on the back row with nearly 75 vacant  chairs for CEOs in front of him.

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