Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tea Party's Darling is One and Done

The only casualty of Tuesday's Iowa caucus was Michele Bachmann.  She quickly made the exit with a staged press conference in Des Moines on Wednesday morning.  Vultures were circling for Rick Perry as well, but he headed to Texas to ponder South Carolina.

What is provoking is her demise.  First, she is the darling of the Tea Party movement.  She received early support from Tea Party supporters.  Secondly, she touted her connection to the Tea Party movement.  Specifically, that she coordinated multiple Tea Party rallies to contest Obamacare and other issues.  Plus, she founded the Tea Party caucus within Congress.  None of her Tea Party affiliation paid off.  A third curiosity of her loss was her triumph just six months ago as the winner of the Iowa GOP Straw Poll. No help to her for the caucus. Fourth, Michele's campaign message failed.  She could not punch through her regimented message to connect with the conservatives.  Every debate and media interview sounded like a run down of her resume'.  She failed to attract the vote of the social right.evangelicals.  Lastly, is a little more personal.  Iowa is her birth state.  She never was able to effectively leverage the allegiance of her fellow Iowans.

In summary, she had a weak message that failed to connect and the Tea Party never rallied to help out their gal.  So, the Bachmann experiment ends with a political scorecard that could only muster 6,073 votes or 5% of the caucus vote.  Finishing a distant sixth place of all GOP candidates.

As Michele heads back to Minnesota, I wonder if she's asking-Hey Tea Party, where were you when I needed you?

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