Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SC GOP Debate Post Mortem

Well. if the night was right, it was for Newt Gingrich.  He hit the key points with striking answers and strident sarcasm at times.  He commanded attention and had the pulse of the audience.  He also achieved a rare standing ovation from the audience prior to one of the breaks during the debate hosted by Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and the South Carolina Republican Party.  

Newt needed a stand up performance to boost his voter attraction prior to Saturday's South Carolina primary. Fox's Juan Williams questions directed at Newt actually were 'softball' questions that Newt was able to tee up and launch across the political stage.  Newt clearly won this match.

Now on to the rest of the pack.  This will be a quick synopsis.  Mitt Romney had a rough night.  Brett Baier of Fox started out to 'clear the air' regarding Bain Capital.  Mitt never clearly broke through with the pro-capitalism response he needed.  Gingrich, Santorum, Paul and even Perry took blows at Romney.  Mitt tried to counter, but never regained the presence that Newt achieved.  Rick Santorum held his own.  He did quite well chipping away at Romney, Paul and Newt.  Yet Santorum did not hold a candle to the Newster.  Ron Paul minced words with the panelists on what he calls military versus defense spending.  Paul spun his wheels and ended up with a flat performance.  Finally, 5% Rick Perry, (that's all the vote he can pull), did have a fairly good night with some responses.  He made a pokey remark at Ron Paul saying Brett Baier should use a gong sound to cut him off.  Perry was a side act most of the night.  And, that's were Perry will also end up-on the side of the road of the political flats.  Let's see what Rick will do after Saturday's primary.  Shall we go ahead and call a tow truck for Rick?

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