Friday, January 6, 2012

Santorum's Social Right is Wrong in NH

Rick Santorum realized he wasn't in Iowa anymore after a series of rallies in New Hampshire this week.  Several public appearances with the stark moderates of New Hampshire gave a little push back to the candidate.  Earlier today, Rick Santorum was questioned about his views on gay marriage to a group of college students.  His conservative explanation was met with a barrage of boos which led the candidate to end his forum and quickly exit.

That was the concern raised with Rick after campaigning hard on his hard right social issues that played so well to a conservative ear in Iowa.  This is the exact scenario that confronted 2008 GOP Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee.  Many including Karl Rove and Dick Morris have commented that Santorum will need to temper his social message in New Hampshire, not abandon it.  Strategists agree Santorum should focus his efforts on the economy and job opportunities at least until South Carolina.

Santorum's success will depend on his momentum.  He must be competitive in New Hampshire and avoid a finish below Newt.  Momentum means more money for Rick.  He reported to have over $2 million in contributions since the Iowa caucus.  He must continue to have a steady stream of cash to work on establishing larger campaign operations in key primary states like South Carolina and Florida.  In addition, his message must carry him well to assure earned coverage in the media.

The New Hampshire primary is only days away for Santorum. Will he tailor his message to strike a chord to court the vote of the NH moderates?

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