Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romney Makes History in NH

New Hampshire delivered a big victory for Mitt Romney.  Late Tuesday evening Romney was trending near 40% of the vote.  All major media projected Romney the winner soon after 8:00pm eastern.  He made history.  Romney was the first Republican candidate since 1976 to win the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary back to back.  

Romney delivered a strong winning speech in Manchester.  He focused on the economy, jobs and the weakness of Obama.  Some intonations were made to caution other Republican candidates not to attack capitalism amidst such a down economy.  Perry, Huntsman and Gingrich attacked Romney's proven experience to create jobs and boost the business sector.  Jobs and the economy remain the number one issue of voters.

Romney and the other candidates now head to warmer air in South Carolina.  South Carolina's primary is on Saturday, January 21st.  Romney continues to lead in all polls in SC as well as Florida (January 31 primary).

The real news of the evening was the pathetic finish of Newt Gingrich.  He was trending to finish with less than 10% of the vote in New Hampshire.  Teetering with a 4th or 5th place finish with Santorum.  Gingrich's outbursts and attacks on Romney did not gain any traction.  In fact, Gingrich lost about 5-8% of his vote in the last three days according to numerous polls.  Gingrich will trod down to South Carolina bashing capitalism just like a play out of Obama's playbook.

Other interesting news for Mitt Romney>>>  There are two notable Republicans who are now stating they may endorse a candidate prior to the South Carolina primary.  Herman Cain mentioned his intentions live on Fox Business.  Jim DeMint also suggested to the media that Mitt Romney was, "...saying the right things to gain my attention.'  And continuing, 'I think Romney will win South Carolina.'  Other strong endorsements for Romney are rumored to be coming soon.

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  1. I am happy to announce that The American Maverick projector accurately predicted the top three winners of New Hampshire's primary. Strong finish by Romney, solid second by Ron Paul and a third place show by Jon Huntsman.



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