Friday, January 6, 2012

Paul Dribbles Hopes for Presidency

Quick take.  I couldn't resist a comment or so regarding a Ron Paul interview clip broadcasted on Fox News today.  

Ron Paul was asked during the interview if he saw himself as President of the United States one day.  To the viewers amazement, Ron Paul stated, "Not really."  Continued by Ron Paul, " times I joke about it."  This flip response does not surprise me coming from Ron Paul.  Usually its some slant reference to the Fed.  However, this must be a kick in the teeth to his legions of supporters who would trudge miles through snow, wind and rain for the man.  I personally know many Ron Paul supporters in Virginia.  They are fanatics for the man. Well motivated and very responsive to his campaign.  

Ron, the next time a reporter asks you if you will be President, your response is 'Yes, and my legions of supporters will take me to the White House!'  If he and Newt could be more self-destructive, perhaps they should share a rubber room.  Either the rubber room or there'll be a mutiny from within.

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