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For those who enjoy the 'what if'' in politics, I have a good one for you to ponder.  "What if", there is a deep rooted strategy within the Obama machine to have a secret weapon to win in November?  Curious?

In the summer of 2008 Barack Obama's campaign strikes a 'deal' with Hillary Clinton to advance her to the Presidency.  Ever wonder why Hillary bowed out of the picture after the 2008 Democrat primaries? Then, Bill and Hill jumped big time onto the Obama campaign trail after the 2008 DNC convention.  

If you know a little history about where the phrase 'wolf in sheep's clothing' originated, and what political philosophy it comes from.  Then, you may be a little more open to this 'what if' scenario.

This scenario is laced with some substantial reality too.  In the summer of 2008, there was a meeting (closed to the public & media) involving both lead campaign staff of Obama and Clinton.  Including:  Barack, Hillary and Bill.  Within one week, Barack stated that if he were elected Hillary would be his pick for Secretary of State.  Hillary was Obama's first official nomination for a cabinet position. 

Let's peruse the mechanics of the deal.  Obama and the Clinton's have deep rooted, shared philosophy embracing progressive activism.  'What if' there was a base line strategy by the progressives to assure their initiatives attempted by President Bill Clinton in the 1990's were almost guaranteed to fundamentally change America by Obama now and beyond?  Their collaborative efforts would be a long term effort to sustain a progressive hold on the White House for eight years or longer.  Think about it.  If a movement wanted to assure success for their agenda, would they make a move to seize power to assure their agenda had time to become part of society?  Of course, especially if you are a progressive from the radical left.  In addition, consider the appeal to the left of having the opportunity to have the first female Vice-President, then President as a Democrat.

I now cite previous reports from CNN and, one in particular, 2010 report from Bob Woodward.  Plus, several reports over the last month on Fox News, The New York Times, Sun Times, and others murmuring a move by Hillary.  Woodward presented an expose (October 0f 2010) about Joe Biden having no interest in continuing as Vice-President.  Reporting, Biden was tired of being a 'pawn in the game'.  Further, additional reports of Hillary expressing her disdain for the rigors of Presidential campaigning.

The 'deal':  Hillary conserves her political capital from 2008 till 2012, yet stays in the mainstream as Secretary of State.  Which bolsters her foreign affairs credentials, scrutinized as her weaker point in 2008.  Biden's strident tone will be purposeful to knock out McCain's insider tone in the fall of 2008.  Obama becomes President, Biden is VP and Hillary is in position to move.  Obama begins implementing measures with the Democratic controlled Congress and Senate.  He pushes through efforts to undermine capitalism with Dodd-Frank, and establishes czars to exercise executive power of enforcement through EPA, DOE, etc.  They succeed with Obamacare.  They brace for two years after they lose control of Congress.  By April of 2012, Obama knows who he's facing as a foe from the Republicans.  Biden bows out by the 2012 DNC convention.  He cites medical, family, etc., as the reason.  Enter the announcement of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the new Vice-President.  This folly could continue if, perhaps, Obama would only serve his first two years of his second term with VP Hillary stepping easily into the Presidency.

If this would hold true, the Obama/Clinton combo would have 4 terms as President to fully implement their progressive ideals upon America.  This would be the ultimate fundamental change over perhaps a 16 year period.  Slow and steady.  Progressives are tactical and patient.  This is their opportunity to finally implement their ideology.  The progressive ideology of Wilson, Roosevelt, Obama and Clinton.

Numerous news sources reported the possibility of a Vice-President Hillary Clinton within the last 45 days.  The mention was under the headlines, but there.  Perhaps a political test balloon of the concept of a VP Hillary.  Hillary did in fact have a closed door meeting with Joe Biden and their lead political principles just three weeks ago.  Obama's political team from Chicago also attended.

This has been an interesting play on the 'what if' of politics in America.  Only time will tell if this scenario becomes reality.  Yet, it is an interesting look at what powerful, political minds may resort to in order to assure their ideology advances in America.  

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  1. FYI, the saying or phrase 'A wolf in sheep's clothing' was the moniker of the Fabian Society-the early founders of the progressive movement.



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