Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama Strikes the Military

Under the media radar today, Obama throws the Pentagon into a spin.  Barrack Obama delivered formal directives personally to the Pentagon.  Striking down the size and structure of the U.S. military just as the Middle East remains on fire and as tens of thousands of battle hardened troops are arriving from Iraq.  Another volley thrown to undermine our military.  Last year turmoil cut lose with allowing gays to serve.

Should we be surprised?  Maybe that he actually visited the Pentagon.  But no, with the mindset and ideaology of Barrack Obama, this is the time to strike.  It is not so much about reducing troops or cutting costs, but his mind bending passion of progressivism burns through without remorse.  The point is he is a born and bred progressive.  

Never letting a crisis go to waste.  This is yet another opportunity for Obama's minions to stir the pot of discontent in America.  This time within our military.  Never letting the flow or substance of normalcy take hold within the hearts and minds of our country.    Why would a progressive want the American populous to feel comfortable?  They do not want citizens to feel at ease.  Much less our military.  The progressive movement is born out of chaos.  Through their blood churns the need to keep citizens on edge and in need of its government.  Yes, this is just another small part of the progressive's vision to increase government and to assure the people are knocking at the door of Uncle Sam for a hand out.

Is there a situation boiling at the Strait of Hormuz?  Why yes there is.  Perhaps we will need to rest our troops, care for them and their family and be ready to deploy again in the near future.  Our troops are what keeps us and our interests safe.  Exercising political beliefs at the risk of our national security is a lose lose scenario.  How many days till Election Day?  305 and counting.

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