Sunday, January 8, 2012

NH Debate Loser-ABC News

The story of the night-ABC's failure to produce a worthy debate.

After the first 10 minutes, Diane Sawyer convinced the viewers that we were all in elementary school and needed to know the rules.  How dismissive of the intelligence of the viewers.  She and George Stephanopoulos truly must possess the inner tidings of the progressive doctrine.  'Where we, the powerful media, know better than you little viewers.'  

The condescending tone was delivered not only to the viewers, but the candidates as well.  The first hour was a twisting series of questions trying to trip up front runners.  Mitt Romney handled himself very well.  Especially versus George's line of questions about abortion and contraception.  The tables turned on Stephanopoulos when the audience at St. Ansalem's became verbal to George with cat calls and boos.  Diane Sawyer had to save George, then led into another line of questions trying to provoke Santorum and Ron Paul.  You could almost feel the viewers reaching for their remotes to checkout the score of the NFL playoff game with the Saints and Lions.  The Saints won.

Bottom line for the night, Mitt won.  He stayed above the fray, avoided being provoked by George and Diane, and none of the opposing candidates made an effort to challenge him.  

For ABC's Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos they were the losers.  They participated in an effort to stir it up with the candidates to generate some news.  Another weak attempt to legitimize ABC as a new service.  Good night Diane and George!

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