Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Newt Meltdown

It was a long month for Newt since the last GOP debate.  A full assault of political ads targeting his years of being a beltway insider, relations with Freddy Mac and the charges laid upon him via Congress.  

Did you witness his speech following the Iowa caucus?  Newt showed he is reverting back to his troubled habits of the past as he delivered his 4th place speech.  Almost childish in many regards like a little boy who did not get what he wanted.  Newt's habit of being self-destructive has been a hallmark of his former rantings as speaker when he was under Congressional review.  This time it started with a CBS interview in which he starkly called Mitt Romney a liar.  I recall Newt striking the point throughout the many debates that candidates should focus on Obama and not on negatives versus fellow Republican candidates.

What is up with Newt?  Why does he want to take his ball and go home?  The bottom line is money and organization.  Specifically, the lack of both.  He sounds frustrated and is.  He is nearly a one man campaign without much support staff.  He attempted to take the high road in Iowa stating he would not run negative ads.  He did not run negative ads.  He had only funds available to run a sparse spread of media ads with soaring American images.  His lack of organization is undermining him further.  There are many key states in which he has not made the primary ballot.  It is also quite astonishing that a major candidate who lives in Virginia did not have the where with all to qualify for the ballot.

What's next for Newt?  Well, he has already commenced with his self-destruction through his whining to the media.  He will hang around for quite a while longer than expected from his behavior due to the new proportional primary voting.  He will meet his end soon after Florida as his funds finally dry up from his one man show.

A couple of questions for you to ponder... How do you feel about the character of Newt?  Would an individual seeking the Presidency who is self-destructive in nature serve you and our country well?  Any wonder why most Republican Congressmen who worked with Newt will not endorse him??  

You'll be alright Newt.  You can always take another cruise.

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