Saturday, January 7, 2012

Newt Gingrich: Strategy or Self-Destruction?

Observations of Newt Gingrich since his Iowa meltdown indicate he might actually have a strategy amidst his self-destructive tendency.  

Previously, for months actually, Newt Gingrich had expounded the need for Republican candidates to be positive and issue based in their conduct.  Especially, during the series of debates since the Iowa Straw Poll last summer.  He took the approach of being the professor of good conduct, and being dismissive to other candidates.  

Gingrich performed a 360 starting last weekend before the Iowa caucus.  His pivot occurred after a month of ads by candidates and SuperPacs exposing his insider history.  Gingrich unleashed crossing his high standards of positive campaigning calling Mitt Romney a 'liar' on CBS, then confirming his statement with Fox News.  He continued throwing a fit in his concession speech in Iowa Tuesday night.  One Fox News analyst stated, "The man (Gingrich) has lost his mind."  Gingrich continued dropping attitude bombs most of the week in New Hampshire.

Has he lost his mind, or is there some grain of strategy in the Newster?  I contest he's trying to pick a fight.  Specifically, with the front runner, Mitt Romney.  Reason, Gingrich is low on funds and losing traction in the New Hampshire polls.  His only hope between now and Tuesday's NH primary is to cause Mitt to trip up with a comment in the heat of the moment.  Gingrich has been attempting this all week in the media.  

Question is, will Newt lay it on Mitt this weekend during the ABC and NBC debates?  My guess is yes, Newt needs a Romney wreck quickly and publicly.  My bet?  Romney will not take the bait.  Why should he with a 20 point lead in the NH polls and Newt trailing in sixth place?  Tick-tock, Newt, tick-tock.

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