Friday, January 13, 2012

The American Maverick: Ready for CPAC 2012

The headline event of the year for conservatives, CPAC-Conservative Political Action Conference, will now include The American Maverick!  CPAC media relations has granted The American Maverick (TAM) space on Bloggers Row during the conference in Washington, DC.  Flint Engleman will be on-site for TAM at the Marriott Wardham Conference Center on Bloggers Row.  In addition, Flint will be covering as many speeches as possible and providing newsworthy blog articles live from CPAC!

A full line-up of top flight conservative speakers has been announced by CPAC.  Here's a small sample:  Sarah Palin (keynote speaker), Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Allan West, Newt Gingrich, Wayne LaPierre, and more!  Link to CPAC for full information>>

The American Maverick (TAM) is a unique news and politics blog from the right.  Focusing on key issues facing America.  Flint Engleman provides commentary and reporting beyond the headlines to provide clear perspective on the issues of the day.  Follow The American Maverick at

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