Wednesday, September 17, 2014


North Carolina is in the midst of a true battle for hearts and minds of voters.  On November 4, voters will put their patience to the test to send long-standing Obama backer Kay Hagan back to the U.S. Senate.

Current U.S. Senator Kay Hagan represents all that the left can muster.  Her record is in lock step with the whim and power of Democrat Senator Harry Reid and President Barack Obama.  Her key votes have advanced Obamacare's crippling policy on North Carolina families.  In fact, 470,000 medical policies were cancelled due to Obamacare in North Carolina.  Her vote for the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty adversely impacts citizens rights to bear arms.  And, her numerous votes raising the country's debt ceiling will strangle the hope for prosperity for generations of Americans.

Voting for Hagan is a continuation of the policies of Obama and the advancement of big government.  Hagan remains un-phased by her votes or inaction on many key issues.  Her lack of leadership failed to quickly address the medical concerns of veterans following the Veterans Administration scandal.  Hagan's compliance with Democrat leader Harry Reid has advanced unsettling selections for the Supreme Court and many other high level federal appointees.

The question is: Will North Carolina take a stand against Hagan on November 4th?

Your vote opposing Hagan will remove the power from Harry Reid.  Without Hagan and and hand full of Democrats, Harry Reid will lose control of the U.S. Senate.  And, serve as a united front by the Congress to stand strong versus the detrimental policies of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

Stand against government domination, and stand for liberty, economic freedom and the future of America on November 4th.

Here's an example of the impact of Hagan's vote for Obamacare on a Carolina family.  Click to view: 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


U.S. Senator Mark Warner is not your typical politician.  Warner is at the top of the pecking order for the Democrat party.  He is a powerful, rich henchman of the left.  And, if you are a Virginian you need to wake up and remove Millionaire Mark on November 4th.

Let's clear up one blazing misnomer.  Mark Warner is not a moderate.  He is a hard line leftist that votes 97% of the time with Obama and Harry Reid.  For the past six years, he has been an integral part of the entire Obama, Reid & Pelosi machine to reverse America's founding principles and stall economic freedom.

Let's check Mark's voting record.  Exhibit A is his deciding Senate vote to approve the "Affordable" Care Act.  Warner cast the 60th vote for Obamacare on Christmas Eve 2009 when all of America was enjoying the holidays.  

Here's some other key votes by Mark Warner to be aware of:
  • For the extension of the Patriot Act, which extended surveillance of over 330 million American citizens.
  • Multiple votes to extend the nation's debt limit by $7-Trillion.  Impacting prosperity of generations of Americans.  National debt climbing now over $17.6 Trillion.
  • For the Dodd-Frank Act, which stifled bank credit for millions of citizens and businesses during one of America's worst recessions.
  • For the Farm Act, which continues agri-cronyism via the Pigford scandal as exposed by Breitbart in 2012.
  • For the budget and tax deal of 2013, which enacted the largest tax increase in American history.
How about a shakedown of Warner's "humble" life?  Let's be clear Mark Warner is obnoxiously rich.  Not from the hard work of owning and operating a business from the ground up.  He is a corporatist, a true one-percenter.  The kind of squaller the left supposedly opposes.  Warner made his millions in wealth off of a mega deal when Nextel  Corporation was sold to Sprint in early 2000's.  In fact, his net worth is $257 million - ranking as the most wealthy Democrat in Congress.  Even beyond Senator Jay Rockefeller.

Some cronyism is subtle.  And, the rest is blatantly obvious.  Who gives the big bucks to influence Warner?  Mega donors include JP Morgan, the Blackstone Group, Dominion Resources, Altria, and Columbia Capital.  Warner violated a Senate conflict of interest law by buying Black Rock equity shares in 2011.

Scandals for Mark Warner?  Absolutely!  Warner was implicated in the IRS scandal using his influence to target conservative groups as exposed by Judicial Watch.  Warner also used his power to advance VISA requests through DHS for former GreenTech CEO and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.  Do not forget Air Warner!  A recent Washington Post investigation uncovered Mark Warner for abusing his office by using chartered planes to visit constituents in Virginia.  Warner's jet set three days cost taxpayers $8535.  Democrat Senator Tim Kaine made the same trip by auto for $690.

Tit-for-tat, quid pro quo, that is the language of current U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia.  He's a back-scratcher and henchman for Harry Reid and the Democrat establishment.  Warner lured Democrat Senators into votes they would have otherwise flatly resisted.  And, he's outmaneuvered young Republicans like Marco Rubio into supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens and the government take over of student loans.

When the rubber hits the road, Mark Warner is all about power and not about Virginia.  He caters to Virginia voters with slick press conferences and hokey campaign events.  Yet, it's all smoke and mirrors.  His real focus is advancing his power grab on Capitol Hill and assuming his posture as the Democrat's poster boy for 2020 and beyond.

Now is the time for Virginia to stand strong.  And, make a positive impact on the direction of our Republic. 

Virginians can put a stop to the cronyism, power trip and left wing voting by Mark Warner.   And, end the maniacal rule of Majority Leader Harry Reid in the Senate.  

Your vote opposing Warner will remove power from Harry Reid.  Without Warner and a hand full of Democrats, Harry Reid will lose control of the U.S. Senate.  Plus, your vote against Warner will allow Congress to stand united versus the detrimental policies and executive orders during the last two years of Obama's Presidency.

Stand against government domination, and stand for liberty, economic freedom and the future of America on November 4th. 

Friday, September 5, 2014


Tune into News Talk 107.5 FM WCHV for this week's edition of The American Maverick Show. Host Flint Engleman delivers striking conservative commentary, dynamic guest interviews and news beyond the mainstream headlines.

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Women leading the charge on the Right.  With the respective Chairs of local Republican committees.  Cindi Burket - Chair of the Virginia's Albemarle County Republicans and Barbara Null - Chair of the Virginia's Charlottesville Republicans. 

Featured Guest:

Larry Pratt.  Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.  Larry will talk about the rhetoric the left is spewing towards gun owners and our Second Amendment rights.  Website: 

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


The wait is over Virginia, and the verdict is in for the trial of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen.

Jurors found Bob and Maureen McDonnell guilty of multiple federal charges of corruption and conspiracy.  Bob McDonnell was found guilty on 11 0f 13 charges.  Maureen on 9 charges of corruption and obstruction of justice.

McDonnell attorney Henry Asbill was quick to comment, 
"The fight is far from over." 
Asbill continued stating he was disappointed and "did not expect" the decision of the jurors.  The attorney reassured reporters they would appeal the decision.

Federal Court Judge James Spencer set January 6, 2015, for sentencing for the McDonnells.  Federal jail time for corruption and obstruction is significant.  The McDonnells could face decades of imprisonment.  Although sentencing proceedings may curtail the maximum incarceration.

The decision brings to a close a long trial.  Over the past 5 weeks jurors heard 67 witnesses.  And, reviewed thousands of documents and evidence presented in Federal District Court in Richmond.

The feds granted immunity to the central figure of the trial, Jonnie Williams, Sr.  Williams provided gifts and cash directly to the McDonnell's.  Williams is the CEO of Star Scientific, a nutrition and supplement company implicated in the trial.

Federal prosecutors circled the wagons to bring down the McDonnells.  The gift of a Rolex watch, dresses for Maureen and over $170,000 in favorable loans and cash were all evidence used to pin the guilty verdict on the former Governor and wife.

Bob McDonnell is the first Virginia Governor to be indicted and convicted in the court of law.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Questions have arisen as Barack Obama, White House administration and the mainstream media, switch up their rhetoric referring to the extreme, terrorist Muslim army in Syria and Iraq as ISIL.

Sometimes history reveals the agenda of the politician.  Let's explore a little background of our current situation and some history.

Most have referred to this terrorist army as I.S.I.S. - the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  ISIS now has over 20,000 terrorist soldiers that hold positions in Northern Iraq and Northeastern Syria.  They also have seized some key border locations near Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

I.S.I.L. stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  Geographically, we know about Iraq.  What is the Levant?

The Levant is an ancient geographical region that encompasses the area between Turkey and Israel.  This area includes the nations of: Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian state.  In addition, it includes portions of Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  

Levant has curious word origins.  Most interesting is Levant's french origin of "rising".  Other Latin and Mediterranean origins speak of the "rise of native nations".

When you converge history, geography and reality, we are looking at the formation of an Islamic State or caliphate.

Let's define caliphate.  Or, in Arabic khilafa.  A caliphate is an Islamic state led by a religious or political leader.  A caliphate represents a sole, sovereign state of the entire Muslim faith.

The acronym ISIS has been used widely by heads of state and global media.  So, why is Barack Obama using the term ISIL referring to the Levant?  

Harken back to the several speeches Obama made throughout the Levant early in his first term as President.  He made several assurances he would "heal" divisions created by the West with Muslims.  And, he would actively work to "promote" the Muslim culture featuring its innovations and role on the World stage.

This leads to recent questions of the intent of Barack Obama. 

How brave are you to connect the dots of history and the actions of this administration?  Fringe conspirators say Obama may be using the term ISIL as code word to extremists.  Almost an acknowledgement of their progress and his passivity to allowing their foothold in the Levant.  What say you?

Additionally, one must consider the cold relationship initiated early in Obama's term versus Israel.  Do not forget the estranged news conferences with Obama and Israel's Netanyahu.  Nor the frosty, recent negotiations involving John Kerry's antics to favor Hamas versus our ally, Israel. With the Levant including Israel, is the use of ISIL another code word facilitating the future consumption of Israel by this terrorist army?

How far shall we reach for a possible answer about the intent of Barack Obama?

Bottom line:  It all comes down to you, the American citizen.  And, how informed you choose to be about America and our role in the world.  Whether you accept the premise that our government is breaking its covenant with God and the Constitution, all boils down to what you can stomach for the last two years of Obama's Presidency.

Monday, September 1, 2014


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is counting the days till Democrat Harry Reid is removed as Senate Majority Leader after Election Day, November 4th.  Cruz delivered a great speech to thousands of conservative activists during Americans for Prosperity's Defending the American Dream Summit in Dallas, Texas.

You could hear it in his voice.  Senator Cruz has had it with the obstructionist tactics of Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrat leadership in the U.S. Senate.  Reid has blocked over 340 bills passed by the House of Representatives over the last several years.  Reid has stonewalled efforts both partisan and bipartisan by the House.  Legislation that would have reinvigorated our economy, authorized the Keystone XL pipeline, diminished public debt, curtailed Obamacare and many more effective bills.

Senator Cruz's speech at AFP's Dream Summit brought activists to their feet time and again.  Cruz hit line after line about why removing Harry Reid as Majority Leader is crucial.  And, how conservatives need to rally in support of candidates for U.S. Senate to take away control of the Senate from Democrats on Election Day, November 4th.

Watch for yourself!  Here's Senator Ted Cruz's entire speech as delivered on August 29, 2014, in Dallas, Texas.  Click to view via Youtube:

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The American Maverick Show hits the air LIVE from Dallas, Texas, Friday, August 29th at noon.  Host Flint Engleman will be broadcasting at the 8th Annual Americans for Prosperity's Defending the American Dream Summit.

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Flint will have several great guests to give you insight to the excitement of the Summit.  Scheduled guests:  Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, AFP Virginia's State Director Sean Lansing, PolitiChicks and the anchor of Tea Party News Network Scottie Nell Hughes.  Additional guests are anticipated.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014


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Kenric Ward.  Bureau Chief for Va Watchdog.  We welcome Ken back to talk about his reporting of taxpayer funds given to fund labor unions.

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Friday, August 8, 2014


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Janine Turner.  Actress/Talk Show Host.  We'll talk about the consequence of Obama politics.  How Congress has been rendered obsolete, and whether the probable take over of the Senate by the GOP will make a difference.

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Education Spotlight with Debra Lamm.  Listen in to our education expert, Debra Lamm, as she exposes Common Core.  Debra provides insight about how big government is controlling our children's education.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014


Tonight on "The American Maverick Show", host Flint Engleman features Virginia Senate candidate Dan Moxley.  Moxley is seeking the 2015 Republican nomination for Virginia's 24th Senate District.  We'll discuss his positions on key issues facing the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In addition, the second part of the show we'll have Justin Danhof as guest from the National Center for Public Policy Research.  Danhof will discuss Obama's cohort Valerie Jarrett's involvement with influencing insurance corporations.

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